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Team Manager

This is the tutorial and how to use the Team Manager.

Intro: We created the manager to manage members during the game, manage the player positions and show pictures for each game.  We think the stats for each game are hard to collect, but the operator of the scoreboard can at least fill the positions for the teams while they also watch the game.  Because the operator fills out the players, and collects the player positions during each jam, we can then export it to both the internet at and export nice looking reports for the games and their teams.

Current Team Manager Capabilities:

  • Name the Teams.
  • Fill out each player’s name and number.
  • Select the player positions for each jam.  It resets the positions after each jam.
  • Uploads the teams, their skater names and stats for each jam to the server during live games.
  • Upload Pictures for each skater to be viewed during the bout.

During Game Play and How To:

Before filling the member manager out, please be sure to start a new game or load an old game.

  1. Name Each Team.  Team 1 and Team 2.
  2. Fill out the 15 or so players for each team before the game starts. You may delete the skaters through the buttons shown.
  3. Also be sure to set a player picture.  This will be used to show active jammers and players during the game.

During the Game:

  1. When each jam starts, the operator will want to select the player positions, but selecting the buttons for each position.
  2. After each jam, the skaters will be placed back to the bench automatically.
  3. When selecting the pivot and jammer for each jam, that will allow you to select the lead for each team on the main window.  And therefore show the lead Jammer on the scoreboard itself.

Why Use The Team Manager?

Well, you might not see what happens visually to the teams when you select the line ups or set the pictures, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes. We save all that information on your line ups, pictures and teams into the one file. Later when we get the chance to build it out, we will allow reports to be generated that will hopefully advance your entire team to a new thresh hold of roller derby. Stay Tuned!


B1 = Blocker  B2 = Blocker  B3 = Blocker B4 = Blocker - Use only when there isn't a Pivot fielded, but a Blocker is. Bench =  Skater is on the bench and not currently in the jam.  Pivot1/Pivot2 = Player is the current Pivot for the jam.  J1/J2 = The player is the current jammer for that jam.


If there are any problems with this, or you see something that should be added, please email us at

Last updated: 6 years ago

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