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Groups And Teams

Groups and Teams within RDNation are a way to help manage your committees, teams, refs, and any other type of group.

With each group, we wanted to help define teams and committees. Over time, these groups will become fully integrated for the league management of RDNation. Groups can be dissolved and removed at anytime. Once you dissolved a group, their documents, settings and conversations get removed permanently as well.

Group Integration

  • You can define a group as an actual team within the league. Each team will be made public on the Leagues public RDNation page.
  • You can define a group as a committee, a board of members, a group of refs or any type of group you choose.
  • Each group will have access to their group forums.
  • You can create as many groups as you would like. One group for each committee, team and ref group is suggested.

Group Types Explained

  • Team - Used to allow teams to communicate with each other. Your leagues Teams should be public as they will then show up on your public team page of RDNation.
  • Committee - Used to allow multiple people within a committee to talk to each other within RDNation. Committees can be public as some leagues would like their committee heads to be contacted instead of just to their main contact.
  • Referees - RDNation loves Refs, so we made sure to include their own separate group.
  • Group - For any other group like a board of directors or just a temporary group your league might want to set up.

Group Members Explained

  • Member - Just a plain member of the group.
  • Moderator - Allowed to delete forum items, modify members and change group settings.
  • Owner - Same as the Moderator, but also allowed to delete group.

Last updated: 7 months ago

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