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Forum Management

Forums within RDNation are a way that allows your league, groups, committees and teams to all communicate with each other while remaining outside the main league conversation.

You can create a new forum by creating new groups. Once you have created a new group, added its members, that group can start using their section of the forum software.

One Set of groups might be:

Main / Committee / BOD / Team1 / Team2 / All Stars

Then each group would then be able to communicate within each group effectively.

Edit Forums

Each forum section has settings which can allow the group to add categories to their forum. Therefore separating out the content even more.

You can edit the members of the forum as well as the name of each group, under the groups section of RDNation.


We built categories within the forums, so that certain posts are sortable via broad topics. So if you click on a category, you will then receive all the posts under that category. Each forum group can create their own categories.

For the main league forum, your categories might be

Bouts / Practice / Announcements

But for a group forum of let’s say the BOD group, the categories might be:

Documents / Rules / Policies / Agenda

Therefore you can start organizing topics based on each category within the group.

Last updated: 10 months ago

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