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How to Choose a Scoreboard

We currently have two scoreboards to show off in Thor's Hammer

The two scoreboards can be opened at the same time or one or the other.  

The Default one needs a few things to make it look its best.

  • Fill out the Team Manager
  • Make sure to fill in the pictures of the teams for the team manager.
  • Make sure to also while operating the scoreboard, specify the jammer and lead jammer.

We added the CRG scoreboard to the mix because we know it’s pretty much default for any Roller Derby Team.  We have received expressed permission from the developer himself.

  • Allows for Advertisements

We are building out more scoreboards in the future and will make sure that new additions as well as themes get added to the mix for each bout.

Uploading a Background Image

The image should relate to the size and dimensions of the actual computer running the scoreboard. So let’s say the scoreboard is going to be on an 800x600 display. It’s best if the background image was also 800x600.... The scoreboard background just sort of gets laid down on top of the background and then expands to fit the entire area. So try uploading an image that fits the dimensions of the actual scoreboard during game play.

Last updated: 6 years ago

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